JMA approaches property management with quality as the cornerstone. We listen intently to the voice of the rental property owner, relentlessly monitor market conditions, and offer recommendations that the property owner can use to improve the tenant experience.

Our award-winning property management system, RentCloud, pulls everything together for property owners and tenants alike. Targeted to be available January 1, 2012 – RentCloud is a revolutionary approach to managing rental properties.

As a JMA Rental Property Owner, you will receive best in class service:

  • A lifetime of FREE advertising on
  • 14 Day Trial to JMA’s award-winning property management, RentCloud
  • Prelisting Rental Analysis
  • Access to World Class Copywriting Professionals for Rental Advertisements
  • Home Video Optimization & Syndication
  • 30 High Quality Pics of Your Home
  • Google Map Display with Aerial View of your Rental Properties
  • Access to Tenant Screening Functionality through RentCloud
  • Scheduling of all showings through RentCloud
  • Access to JMAdvantage Program
  • Itemized Monthly e-Statements (Available On-Demand through RentCloud)
  • Yearly statements emailed and snail mail for tax purposes

Every investor and rental property owner is in the game to make money, but more importantly, they are in the game to make a profit! So why go with JMA Rentals over another local property management firm?

Why JMA Rentals?

The reasons are many, but let us highlight some of the most important. We have a combined experience of 50+ years in the Erie, PA and Central Ohio real estate markets. We can step into the equation quickly and get your house rented when hope is almost gone. In today’s economy, many folks are turning into “Accidental Landlords.” JMA Rentals understands this concept all too well and has programs designed specifically for the accidental landlord. Not only can we accommodate the accidental landlord, we also help multi-millionaire real estate investors manage their portfolio of properties.

Our approach is simple, yet effective. We advertise your home with the power of RentCloud to get it rented out quickly and for the top dollar. Don’t settle for mediocrity. High resolution photos, videos, and high quality copy writing will make your advertisement stand out from the crowd. We have the technology to deliver and syndicate across 50 top real estate websites!

How do I get paid?

The question is: how do you want to be paid? We provide you, the property owner, with options. But, more importantly, we provide your tenants with options. Remember: happy tenants = happy property owners. As a property owner, you let us know if you want us to provide your tenants with options, such as ACH, Credit Card, Paper Check, or Money Order. JMA Rentals collects and deposits your money and provide a detailed summary reports via email and through RentCloud.

What about property maintenance?

Rental property owners want to know they can trust their property management firm to delivery honest and cost effective maintenance to their investments. JMA has a team of specialized vendors in each geographic region we serve to handle any issue that may arise with your home. We’ve negotiated volume discounts with each vendor, whether it is an electrical repair company, or an on-call plumber to fix a leaky sink – we’ve got your covered.

What about lawn care?

With the JMAadvantage program, lawn care is taken care of year round for your tenants. All JMA owned & operated properties include the JMAadvantage program by default.